Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nest boxes on cold nights

On cold nights we started bringing nest boxes into the house at night and putting them back out in the morning where the doe was usually waiting to jump in and relieve some milk pressure. Sometimes we did this for over a week until they grew some little coats. The kitchen table would be covered with 5 or 6 boxes. We sometimes wrap a towel over it to keep the popples from popping out.  We noticed the litters that spent the night in the house seemed friendlier. Our theory is the kits imprinted on human scent and sounds. So we made it part of our routine with Angora litters to bring the nest boxes into the house for the night. We had friendlier rabbits that would sit still for grooming.

Have a good day!


Brookie-Lee said...

Did you leave the nest box outside all day? Our temperatures have dropped and I'm loosing kits. I have a litter born in my heated laundry room last night and two still died. The other three are in a carrier next to my heater while the doe is outside. I'll bring her back into them soon but I'm not sure what I should do with the cold weather.

franco rios said...

Yes, usually we left it out all day. But on cold days take box outside just for feedings. Once in the morning and once in the evening. The doe should jump right in to nurse, Bring box back to heated area. Do this for about seven days or until they grow enough fur to keep warm.