Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What do you feed your rabbits?

What do you feed your rabbits?
*from rabbitgeek notes 7/30/08

Below is my standard blurb on feed:
I usually feed Purina Complete (16% protein) and Purina Professional
(18% protein). Actually I mix them together to create an average
17% protein feed. Lately I've been using Purina Show Formula (16%)
mixed with the Purina Professional.

I have small rabbits, Holland Lops and Dutch as well as large
rabbits like American Blues, French Lops and Angoras.

The Angoras and Americans do well with higher protein requirement
but the protein is not so high as to create problems with the
smaller breeds.

This has been our primary feed for many years. We occasionally try
another feed but when the flesh condition drops, we switch back.

It may not be the fault of the other feed. Any switch in feed is
stressful and will cause some loss of condition. We should probably
switch for 6 months to really test it a new feed.

But when we have won many Best of Breed awards with different
breeds on the Purina feed, we always wind up back on the Purina.

When you find a feed that your rabbits do well on, stick with it. As
you breed, you are selecting for rabbits that will do well on the feed
you are giving it.

Other considerations are: I can usually buy feed at a feed store on
my way to work, no extra trips required. If they are out of stock,
there are two other dealers within easy driving distance. Purina has
the easy to read date code printed on the bottom paper strip, no 10
digit date codes to decipher.

I hope this info helps.
Have a good day!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

RabbitTalk Forum

RabbitTalk: Rabbits for fun...rabbits for profit...rabbits for everyone

RabbitTalk is a great discussion forum for all types of rabbit owners.
The owners of the forum are open minded and friendly.

There is no charge to join the forum.

Check them out at: http://rabbittalk.com/

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