Friday, September 27, 2013

1 2 3 breeding priority

From the rabbitgeek notes on facebook: (written about American breed rabbits but applies to all breeds)
In order of priority:
#1 pick for body type. It's the hardest to breed for. I like to set them on a table and let them pose naturally. I like seeing if they display the mandolin type on their own. One rabbit I saved because I looked at the cage and saw the rabbit sort of lounging and the mandolin type popped right out at you. She became a Grand Champion.
#2 pick for fur. The fur is kind of tricky. The Standard calls for normal, fly-back fur but you want the fur to be dense and plush, meaning it needs to be a little longer than normal. If you have mediocre fur but good type, try breeding it to a good fur type.
#3 pick for color. Color is considered the easiest to fix. Because you can cull all the unwanted colors and you will have in good color in 2-3 generations. Not perfect, but should be good color. If you have body and fur you can take a chance on the off color. What you want is that off color rabbit to throw 1 or 2 kits with correct color. Keep the corrects, get rid of the rest.
That's it in 1-2-3. This rule was told to me by long time breeders and it has held up through my own experience. Best of luck.

The 1-2-3 rule works for other breeds too. Focus on what the Standard calls for. Then select for it based on the Priorities and the Standard.

Have a good day!

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