Sunday, August 28, 2011

Space Rabbits of Brocklevoons

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Space Rabbits Of Brocklevoons on youtube

Space Rabbits of Brocklevoons', by Kate Rowe and accompanied by Ryan
Morrison. This was filmed during their Australian tour, at Albêdo in
North Lake, Perth, on the 9th May 2009. Kate Rowe is an Australian
songwriter from the Blue Mountains in NSW. Ryan Morrison is from W.A.
and also performs solo and with the Spooky Men's Chorale

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rabbit Agility

Rabbit Agility - In the real bunny world, the rabbit is a runner, a jumper. The rabbit is fast and nimble. The rabbit has a thousand enemies that will catch it and eat it. But first they have to catch it. Using the natural talents of the rabbit there are events called Rabbit Agility or Rabbit Show Jumping. You can find some information in facebook, and great stuff on youtube.

Youtube videos

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Soylent Green Anyone
"Soylent Green Anyone" by Sami Segale
Oakland (CA) Examiner

All pig breeders and rabbit breeders need to read this article. It talks about freedom to produce our own food. Starts talking about raising a market pig then discusses Debe Bell's rabbits in Colorado.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Real Bunny World

When you go to Facebook, search for REAL BUNNY WORLD which is my new Facebook group where rabbit breeders and pet owners can share questions and answers in a open group format.

In the real bunny world, rabbits feed the world. Rabbits were carried by sailors and soldiers everywhere to feed travelers.

Rabbits are a multpurpose animal. We need to embrace the rabbit for what it is.

https://www. facebook. com/groups/ 125157017579447/

And our numbers are in the tens of thousands. ARBA has over 23,000 members. Not to mention many times more that are rabbit keepers.

We can move hundreds and thousands of rabbits for rabbits shows, fairs, and demonstrations. We can move tens of thousands of rabbits for national shows.

Talk to your family and friends. Talk to your friends in law enforcement or that work for the county. They'll learn that rabbit keepers are not part of a problem, we're part of the community!

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How big is too big?

Rabbitgeek posts from Facebook:
"One immediate problem is that small breeders often find themselves in trouble with the zoning department. If rabbits are protected as livestock, many times there is the requirement for acreage to serve as a buffer for neighbors. In one area, one needs 1/2 an acre to qualify for "incidental agricultural" use. A common size lot single family dwelling is 1/8 of an acre."

Laws that get passed do not affect big guys and little guys equally. The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) would apply to all animal raisers but while small farms have to pay a per animal license (expensive) the big operations get to buy a site license for pennies per animal."

I have no problem with somebody who has 500 working does. Or even 1000 working does. What I don't want to see is laws that require us to have 500 working does before we are considered "legitimate" farmers/breeders. If small farm/homesteading/urban farming is going to be successful, we need some parity with the big guys. But if the big guy is Cargill, I'm gonna be toast. No, I'm going to be the shadow of toast."

"Like the recent laws in Calif about chicken egg producers required to use bigger cages or pen or range feeding. If big rabbit producers are forced to use huge cages, we will all be redesigning our rabbitries. Other issue is that some of us have raised small rabbits for meat (Dutch, Standard Chinchillas) and those should not be forced to use larger cages."

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