Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breeding Poker Hands

I was rambling on facebook:
I know a lot of breeders who use minimal outcrosses. The reason is that if one desires consistent output then the lines need to be kept tight. It's like playing poker. Say you want to have all face cards and aces.  Say after each game you remove all the 3s, then the 2s, then the 5s. Each game you improve your chances of getting face cards and aces because you are removing the others by removing those traits from the deck. Soon you are getting dealt mostly face cards and aces. When you bring a new rabbit into the herd be sure it has only the cards (traits) you want, with just face cards and aces. Otherwise you are throwing in a new deck and have to remove all those 2s and 3s and 5s again.

Have a good day!