Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sprang Unsprung on the bus

You can see more of the unsprang bag at my other blog:
Franco's Fiber Adventure

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meat Rabbits from Auction or Breeder

People ask "Can I buy meat rabbits at the auction?"

If you mean you are buying rabbits for meat because you are going to eat them, the auction is okay because all rabbits are made out of meat. If you are buying rabbits to breed more rabbits to eat, I recommend buying breeding stock from a breeder. Otherwise one could be breeding auction rabbits that won't get pregnant or won't raise their litters.

After a few missed cycles of breeding and waiting it could be four to six months down the road before realizing that the auction rabbits aren't going to produce. Then we decide we need to buy breeding stock from a breeder. When I buy from a breeder I am relying on their experience in producing rabbits that will produce more rabbits.

While I hear a lot of stories about buyers getting crappy rabbits from known breeders, I hear even more stories about buying auction rabbits and getting no litters. The exception to this would be when you can buy live meat pens or fryers from 4H or FFA breeders at the County Fair auction. Usually those rabbits are descended from good breeding stock.

Reminder for newbies: All rabbit sales are "Caveat Emptor" or Buyer Beware! Do your homework before shopping for a rabbit.

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