Friday, May 3, 2013

Yolo 4H Fair - Showmanship

Today I was judging 4H Rabbit Showmanship at Yolo County 4H Fair, Woodland Calif. Showmanship is a competition that demonstrates an ability to show the features and characteristics of an animal. Above is a couple of exhibitors. These girls are wearing the white 4H uniforms. The green hat is a Junior competitor. The white hat is a Senior competitor. The stars and service stripes on their hats reflect achievements and their time in the 4H program. These girls are using Dutch breed rabbits.

Here is a couple of the boys, they wear neckties. The rabbit on the left is a Himalayan breed. The rabbit on the right is a Champagne d'Argente.

Girls in 4H have the option of wearing a long white skirt instead of white pants. Note: This uniform policy varies from location to location. So your club may have different rules and maybe you don't wear the whites. But this is California.

Members have the option of using a pet rabbit for Showmanship contest. This is not a bad rabbit. He's just a non-conformist who doesn't live by the Standard Of Perfection.

I had fun judging about 22 Junior and Senior Showmanship Contestants. I spoke briefly with each one on how they can improve in the future. This is my second year of judging Showmanship for Yolo County. I hope I can be there next year. I've done Showmanship judging dozens of times and I always have fun with it.

Note: Pictures of 4H members used by permission.

It was a good day!

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