Thursday, May 16, 2013

Notes for Palomino Breeders

(photo pal buck, wikipedia commons)

Patty Montag tips for keeping Palominos from FB 5-16-13

1. Only keep Pals that easily make senior weight.  Do not be tempted to
keep that buck around that is 2 years old and still has to be shown as a 6/8
because he never made weight, I do not care how typey he.  Same
goes for the does.

2. Read the standard and breed for the color that you feel best fits the
standard, some breeders breed for the color that their local judges
like, big no no.

3. It is best not to cross the colors.

4.  Let your does grow up before you breed them.  I never breed
anything that isn't at least 9 to 10 months old.

5. If you get a white baby out of two nice animals, cull it, it is not
worth putting more REW genetics back into the population.

These apply pretty much to any breed but they are rules my Pals live by.

Thank you Patty!
Have a good day!

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