Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Christmas Bunny

On Facebook, the creator of the movie "The Christmas Bunny" apologized to the House Rabbit activists for basically not living up to their expectations. I say those expectations are unreasonable and illogical. See some of the comments at "A Message - The Christmas Bunny"

Some of my postings follow:
As a former 4H rabbit project leader, I'm glad that you showcased a educational farm where rabbits are raised. Not only do they help educate thousands of visitors each year, they helped YOUR film project. Your film even helped the House Rabbit Network chapters that sold copies of the DVD to raise revenues. You did nothing wrong. In my book, you don't need to apologize.

The bad breeders that are mentioned represent a fraction of a percent of all breeders. Most breeders are responsible. There are millions of rabbit born on farms in this country. Rabbits provide food and employment for many people in this country and in the world at large! Rabbits feed the world.

I do surveys on rabbit breeds and populations. I trade information with thousands of 4H and FFA rabbit breeders every month. And the commercial rabbit breeders I trade info with tell me the showbunny population is only a small percentage of all the domestic rabbits. The number of "bad" breeders are still a small fraction of a percent of all breeders. The number of rabbits in shelters are only a tiny fraction of the total population.

... saying that some breeders eat the reject showbunnies is a statement of truth. The truth is not going to hurt breeders. Because if one believes in science then the fact is that rabbits feed the world. Food chain! Food chain! Food chain! Rabbits eat grass. They get eaten by other animals. The amazing birth rate of rabbits is because so many get eaten. Most rabbits in the wild get eaten before they are a year old. Breeders who eat rabbit as food are fulfilling the purpose of the rabbit on this planet. Rabbits feed the world.

USDA is not the final authority on rabbit nor should they be. They are a federal agency. State and county regulations and codes often classify rabbits as livestock. State and county regulations also require that rabbits/livestock be cared for humanely. Animal herdsmanship standards require that rabbits be cared for humanely.

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