Friday, January 27, 2012

Caught on Web

Caught on the Web - Sites of Interest

40 Interesting Facts about Rabbits
This list is posted at Three Ladies Rabbitry

#8 ARBA recognizes 47 breeds, not 45 breeds

#39 I don't agree with. Sweaty muzzles are a sign of heat stress.

Information on the internet should always be tested with logic and your experience. Your rabbits do not read the internet so they do not know all that information applies to them.

Rabbit Farm in the news
Champlain Valley Rabbitry, Vermont USA

New processing plant in Marion NC
Will handle poultry and rabbit for local producers

Bologna Sandwiches and Roasted Rabbit by Habeeb Sollum
Includes roast rabbit recipe

Alebrijes Mexican bistro serving unique dishes with lamb, duck, rabbit, Lodi, Calif.

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