Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stanislaus 4H Field Day

Today I went to the SMALL ANIMAL FIELD DAY - 4HRabbit, Cavy (Guinea Pig), Poultry, and Canine (Dog)
At the Stanislaus County Agriculture Center, Modesto, Calif.
(Note: Click pictures to enlarge)

 First room I went to had roosters waiting for the Poultry Workshops. The Dog Workshops were being held outdoors on the grass lawns.

 In another room, American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Judges Ray Stacy and Melissa Magee conducted a Rabbit Showmanship workshop. This room was stacked four rows deep with chairs. That's a lot of rabbit project people! Also, these judges were in 4H as youth themselves and they continue to give back to the program that got them started in rabbits.

Judge Melissa demonstrates how to flip the bunny on its back to show the underparts. This is a crucial skill to learn since it requires excellent control of the animal.

After the demonstration and discussion, members received a chance to show what they know to the judges. The judges offered encouragement and tips for improvement. (Faces are blurred because I don't have permission to show each of these kids.)

This junior member is using a stuffed rabbit for practice. I just couldn't blur that smile though.

Judge Ray is looking up some info for this youth demonstrating his showmanship skills.

Nicole Menezes gave a Cavy Showmanship Workshop. She asked for no pictures, so I will show you the Cavy Super Models that came to the workshop.

Michaela is a Youth Project Leader and is giving a demonstration of Cavy Showmanship. It was a great demonstration.  I have permission from Michaela's Mom to show her face. Left: Showmanship begins with introduction. Middle: Michaela demonstrates how to flip and hold the cavy safely while showing the underside. Right: Cavy nails are checked and counted.

Also at the workshop: Rabbit Breed ID. Ten cages with ten breeds of rabbits. Can you name them all?

Rabbit Judging Contest. 4 rabbits of same breed. You pick First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Fourth Place. Now, does your choice match the choice of the ARBA Judges?

I had great fun for a few hours and I learned a lot about Showmanship. I was a 4H Rabbit Project Leader and I had 3 sons in 4H. So some people think I would know this stuff, but you can never stop learning.

It was a good day!

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