Friday, March 8, 2013

Betty Chu - Angora Ambassador

*ramblings I posted on a yahoo group*
I would add that Betty Chu is a great ambassador for all things Angora rabbit and rabbit show in general. Betty organizes at least a dozen Angora specialty shows each year and serves as show secretary for them.

Betty maintains a blog for Northern Calif Angora Guild since 2005.

She journals not only angora related topics but general rabbit show info. It's a great look into the life of a showbunny exhibitor.

She also is a fiber artist, spinning and knitting her angora wool. She shares her knowledge freely. When my lovely wife and I first started in French Angoras, we used to throw the wool away. Betty explained to us that the wool can be sold. So we started saving it, and selling it. I taught myself to spin with a drop spindle and that launched my fiber adventure. you can see my blog.

When we bought a Babe Electric Flyer Wheel, we bought if from Betty because she was a dealer. When I wanted some weaving sticks it just happened that her husband was making them so I bought them from Betty.

I learned from Betty how to make the lumpy art yarns that are a favorite component of the knitted hats that she sells. I am often stunned at the fine work of her fancy knitted shawls.

I am a fan of Betty Chu. She has been a great teacher to us. But when you put the rabbits on the table, she is a fierce competitor.

Have a good day!

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