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My Corner Of The World - San Francisco Zoo

 My Corner Of The World - San Francisco Zoo
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There is a world class zoo in San Francisco Calif. However, this "Rabbit and Guinea Pig" exhibit in the Children's Zoo area is poorly thought out. In other words, it's lame! The only animals visible are a couple of mixed breed rabbits in the little brown house. These people are Zoologists! This is the best they can do?!!

What about having some nice natural colored European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) which is our Domestic Rabbit and some natural colored Cavies? Okay, that's the end of my rant.

Beside the large new Primate buildings and the Lemur compound, SF Zoo combines some of the old with the new. Above is the entrance to old "Lion House."

Lions, tigers, and other big cats were kept here in cages on both side of the building. A zoo used to brag about having one of each kind of big cat. Here you see it as it looks today. Big cats are still housed in this building.

This used to be your total zoo experience when viewing a tiger. SF Zoo has kept the old cages like this. This big cat also has access to a group of enclosures just outside this building. 

Here is a tiger in an outside pen. Visitors can see the tiger walking, occasionally running. The tiger also has access to the indoor cage area.

Here is some lions sitting near the door to the Lion House, relaxing in the shade and watching the people at the zoo.

Some people will argue that this environment is un-natural for the cats and they are right. By bringing these animals and others for the education of the public we can create a connection between people and the animals. If people feel connected then they will care and will contribute to preservation of these animals.

For more info, visit the San Francisco Zoo website

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