Saturday, August 13, 2011

Real Bunny World

When you go to Facebook, search for REAL BUNNY WORLD which is my new Facebook group where rabbit breeders and pet owners can share questions and answers in a open group format.

In the real bunny world, rabbits feed the world. Rabbits were carried by sailors and soldiers everywhere to feed travelers.

Rabbits are a multpurpose animal. We need to embrace the rabbit for what it is.

https://www. facebook. com/groups/ 125157017579447/

And our numbers are in the tens of thousands. ARBA has over 23,000 members. Not to mention many times more that are rabbit keepers.

We can move hundreds and thousands of rabbits for rabbits shows, fairs, and demonstrations. We can move tens of thousands of rabbits for national shows.

Talk to your family and friends. Talk to your friends in law enforcement or that work for the county. They'll learn that rabbit keepers are not part of a problem, we're part of the community!

Have a good day!

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