Sunday, March 27, 2011

Favorite Awards At Rabbit Shows

What is your favorite award at rabbit shows?

I like the coffee mugs, ball point pens, aprons, ball caps for Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed (BOB/BOSB).

I like to see carrier cages or folding chairs handed out for Best In Show and Reserve In Show (BIS/RIS).

At Livestock Nationals at Cow Palace, San Francisco, they handed out stadium blankets one year and little duffle bags on another year for BOB/BOSB for all the breeds entered!

One more thing.

Would rabbit clubs please include the rare breeds in the BOB/BOSB awards/prizes?

Many clubs do not give awards if there are less than 8 or 10 entries.

I know it is hard to justify a fancy award for a breed with a few entries, but if you could hand out a flat ribbon or something it would be much appreciated by the rare breed exhibitors.

Even if there was only one entry in a breed, it would be nice to get a flat ribbon for Best Of Breed. If clubs need to save the coffee mugs for the bigger entries that is understandable, but a flat ribbon doesn't cost that much.

It would be encouraging to the rare breed exhibitors and I think clubs would see an increase in the entries from these minority breeds. That would make for wider variety in the judging for Best in Show. In Calif there are 35 to 40 different breeds hitting the BIS judging table.

At one Youth show, there was a single Standard Chinchilla entry. That doe went to the BIS table and took Reserve In Show. She did not win a leg toward Grand Champion but she did win the RIS award (carrier cage from KW cages). And it made a youth exhibitor very happy.

So please remember the rare breeds when handing out BOB/BOSB ribbons.

Have a good day!

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siampals said...

So true Franco.....There's some shows I wouldn't attend because I'd be the only one showing my breed & get nothing to show for it. Us that put blood, sweat,& tears in our rare breeds deserve credit. My hubby loves me putting my ribbons up on the wall.