Monday, February 16, 2009

AZ State Convention Phoenix

Went to AZ State Convention Rabbit show in Phoenix.

Saw some Satin Angora Rabbits in Red, Black, and Chestnut

Saw some American Blue rabbits, but only one picture came out. Rabbits waiting in judging coops tried to flee the coop.


Rick of York said...

Nice Blues, Franco.

Anonymous said...

How long are the rabbits in those tiny cages? Do they get food or water? They look very stressed and cramped.

Rabbit Geek said...

Those cages are only to hold them during the judging.

Remember that the rabbits usually live in little holes in the ground, so the small cages are not a problem for these rabbits.

The rabbits in these pictures are not stressed and they are actually experienced showbunnies. The angora are fluffy by design, they are not having their hand stand on end. The American Blues are curious and trying to explore. If they were scared they would be trying to hide in the corner.