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Sat Sept 20 2008 Stockton CA BVRA Rabbit Show

Sat Sept 20 2008 Stockton CA

Big Valley Rabbit Association held a rabbit show at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds.

There were 2000 rabbits and cavies entered in double shows which made for 4000 entries to be judged and 19 judges to handle it all in one day!

The weather beautiful, clear skies, temp in 85F range, temp which is 10 degrees cooler than average for Sept.

There was plenty of room under the roof of the livestock barn, the open sides allowing for mild breeze to blow through. Other people rested beneath the shade trees adjacent the livestock barn.

Vendors like KW Cages, Barbi Brown, and Randall's were on hand to provide equipment, feed supplements and supplies. There was a rep on hand from Purina rabbit feed to talk to people and answer questions.

The food concession had a steady stream of business for most of the day as well.

Mike Morris, Show Super, told me there was 37 different breeds of rabbit being shown, which is a great variety for a local show.

Here is a sampling of entries, this list is not official or complete (O=Open, Y=Youth, Number entered)

Holland Lop O-120, Y-95
Netherland Dwarf Y-94
Minirex Y-111
Polish O-50, Y-75
*Polish are making a great comeback from a couple of years ago when only a handful were found in the showroom!

Angora English O-25
Angora French O-27
Angora Satin O-9

English Lop Y-3
Jersey Wooly O-43, Y-22
Dutch O-71, Y-85

French Lop O-34
Flemish Giant O-5, Y-8
American Sables O-23 Y-3

American Chinchilla Y-6
American O-17
Britiannia Petite O-10

Mini Satins O-13
New Zealand O-9, Y-34
Silver O-8, Y-5

Beveren O-13
Thrianta Y-13
Rhinelander O-15

Tan O-29
Silver Fox Y-1
Lionhead O-69

As you can see the Rare Breed rabbits and the new breeds are hitting the table and being counted as more people add them to their herd to help promote the breeds.

I did not see the Best In Show awards but I would like to congratulate whoever it had the top rabbits!

It was a good day!

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