Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brazilian Rabbit Info

The Homesteading Today forum has a topic of Brazilian rabbits that
has been running since 3/18/08

There is some people on there that would love to buy some, but like
with most rare breeds, small quantity available and location are
obstacles. Hopefully things will work themselves out.

New Group on Yahoo - Brazilian Rabbit Fanciers North America

Brazilian Rabbit Fanciers North America - This discussion group is for
the Brazilian Rabbit, also known as Zils.

The Brazilian rabbit in North America is rare but beautiful. We want to encourage more people to raise these rabbits. We are committed to the goal of seeing these rabbits raised all over North America; USA, Canada, Mexico.

Docile in nature and known to eat just about anything green, they can fill a niche for rabbits that will breed and thrive in less than optimal conditions. We promote real world discussion of real topics related to breeding, showing, raising, selecting, selling, buying, and culling the Brazilian rabbit. I invite you to join us.

Another yahoo group that has info on zils is
Arizona Bunny Swap

Join the group and search the message archive for
"brazilian" or "zil" as search words

Have a good day!

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